Top Five Brawl Buster Zombies That I Hate

I have been playing Brawl Busters Philippines for some time now and I’ve been having loads, and loads, and LOADS of fun! I’m so excited for this game to be commercially and officially launched in here in the Philippines (It’s still in Open Beta). The Open Beta phase has brought about a lot of cool features not found in the Closed Beta Testing and we can only imagine what other goodies are in store for us when the game officially opens.

Playing the game, I have come across five zombie types that I absolutely abhor! Of course, one is supposed to eliminate them — that’s actually the point of the Zombie Survival Mode — but we can’t help but just be plain annoyed at these zombie types:

Rookie Treat / Minor Treat

Basically, these are zombified Sluggers. They are long-ranged attackers. Minors’ special abilities include summoned large jaws that attack when you get near. They also have shields in the form of railings, much like the shield of a Fire Fighter. The Rookies, on the other hand, are plain simple baseball pitchers without the special abilities of the Minors.

Why do I hate them? They can attack you from a distance, eliminating most of your life points before you actually get near them and start pounding on them.

Skull / Bones

If they had a Brawl Buster class equivalent, I would say these were the Boxers. They are agile melee fighters. Their fighting style is usually to dash towards their target and, in the case of Skulls, attack twice every turn.

Why do I hate them? They usually surprise-attack you from behind! You’re there pounding at Lugnuts when suddenly, you get attacked and knock into air from behind. BOOM! Lugnuts attack you simultaneously and you have no opportunity to counter-attack.

Skull Rock

Probably one of the most annoying zombies that Brawl Busters will ever encounter. Despite that, they are of the original zombies NOT patterned after any Brawl Buster class. They have a normal attack, a special attack, and an Area of Effect (AoE) attack. A Skull Rock’s special attack is to unleash a retractable rope (or a bungee rope) from their staff that attaches to its target and retracts the victim back to it. No way of escape! It’s AoE attack, on the other hand, is much like a Rocker’s: A Sonic Blow emanating from their staff and attacks surrounding Busters.

Why do I hate them? Their bungee rope! Actually, a Buster can pound them down. However, when there are several of them together, they can alternately use their bungee rope on you, depriving you of your opportunities to attack.


These are one of the most well-remembered zombies in the game. They are very distinguishable because of their policemen outfits. Like the Skull Rocks, they are sort of “mini bosses” in-game: tougher than the regular enemies, bigger, and have special attacks. They have two special attacks. One is characterized by their blowing of their whistle, followed by a dash towards their target, and finally a double attack that knocks their target flying into the air. Their other attack is just like a Blitzer’s and Lugnut’s: they leap into the air and sort of “touch down” with impact on the ground, knocking surrounding Busters into the air.

Why do I hate them? Their dash-and-double-attack style is plain annoying. It’s basically their main attack, no regular attacks; unless you are near them, at which, they would simply double-attack.

Little Leaguer

These little zombified critters are at the top of my list. Whenever I see one, I would prioritize taking them out first. These are just like the Rookie/Minor Treats and thus, have the same attacking style of Sluggers. They simply pitch or attack their targets at a long range.

Why do I hate them (SO MUCH!)? They pitch or throw either a poison ball or a cardboard box ball, which give you respective status effects. The poison is a pain in the neck since it slowly lowers your life points. Very annoying if your life points are about to run out. The cardboard box, on the other hand, restricts you from attacking and the only option you have is to walk, run, or evade (which is better since it quickly removes the “boxed” status). The worst thing about these zombies? They are long-range attackers so you can be poisoned or “boxed” before you even get near them!


So those are my pet peeves / zombie peeves in the game. In a future post, I will share some pointers in dealing with these types of zombies. 🙂

Until then,


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