Christmas 2012 in Rune – Midgard

With the Yuletide season upon us, Level Up! released the Christmas sprites for the key towns in Rune – Midgard, the world of Ragnarok Online. It’s definitely a festive atmosphere and we are very thankful to the game’s publisher her in the Philippines.

This is another reason why I love this game: seasonal customization of graphics. New Year’s, Valentines, Halloween, Christmas — you name it! They have specific sprites for just about any of the major traditions we observe in real life. Ragnarok Online is just overflowing with content!

Here are screenshots I took while going around the continent:

I’m guessing that all these are old sprites from way before. Why? Payon, which had a new map and sprite released a few years back, doesn’t have any decorations on; just falling snow:


Even the new maps and the new continent, the Republic of Schwartzvald, only have falling snow. No decorations at all, as shown in Juno:


Anyway, I’m glad just thinking that even MMORPGs can get into a festive mood for Christmas. This is truly a nice treat for gamers who love to get into the holiday spirit. But of course, let’s not forget that one of the true meanings of Christmas is to help those who are in need:


May you have a meaningful holiday season. 🙂 Cheers!


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