Death to Scammers and Posers

I infernally hate these kinds of players.

You log into your favorite game, looking forward to a great and fun time. You find another player who’s looking for an item that you have. You see it as an opportunity to make a sale and increase your in-game currency. He seems dignified and is with a guild. You talk to the player and engage him in a deal. In the middle of the deal, he tells you that part of his money that he will pay you is in his other character; he doesn’t have enough in the character he is playing at present. You agree to meet his other character and get the remainder of his credit from it. The deal proceeds: he has your item and you’re waiting for his payment when suddenly …

He logs out! You’ve been ripped off! He was a scammer. He even called you “Pitiful baby” before logging off! Of all the nerve!

Death to Vendor ni ? Rot in hell!


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