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Bye-bye! :(

screenValhalla194-pRO-Valhalla-closesI regret to say that this is a short-lived blog.

Silly me. I shouldn’t have hoped that the Valhalla Server would last for as long as Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) would be up. In case you’re lost on what I’m talking about, the Valhalla Server of pRO closed on the evening of the 28th of January, 2013 (Monday). MY beloved server … OUR beloved server … gone.

To make matters worse, it was announced that accounts from the Valhalla Server would be merged with accounts from New Loki, aka “server merge”, and the new server resulting from such would be named, New Loki. Not much inspiration in naming; they reasoned out that the alphabetical order of the two server names was the basis.

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Top Five Brawl Buster Zombies That I Hate

I have been playing Brawl Busters Philippines for some time now and I’ve been having loads, and loads, and LOADS of fun! I’m so excited for this game to be commercially and officially launched in here in the Philippines (It’s still in Open Beta). The Open Beta phase has brought about a lot of cool features not found in the Closed Beta Testing and we can only imagine what other goodies are in store for us when the game officially opens.

Playing the game, I have come across five zombie types that I absolutely abhor! Of course, one is supposed to eliminate them — that’s actually the point of the Zombie Survival Mode — but we can’t help but just be plain annoyed at these zombie types:

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Thanks, “Duke the Ripper!”

So I recently made a new friend on Philippine Ragnarok Online, Valhalla Server in the name of “Duke the Ripper”. He’s a Shadow Chaser with the Rogue skill, Scribble.

So how did I meet him? I was walking around Prontera when I saw graffiti on the ground saying, “Amalayer”. It caught my attention since it was the height of a nationalized social issue that circulated around social networks. Anyway, I was amused by the scribble that I asked Duke the Ripper, who was sitting nearby, if I could take a screenshot. I think he didn’t understand that I meant to take a screenshot of the scribble that he did since he asked, “Ng ano?”

“Yan,” I said.

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Brawl Busters Philippines Open Beta

brawl-busters-philippines-open-betaThe Open Beta for Brawl Busters launched on the last week of October and is ongoing until now. Gamers who were registered for the Closed Beta Testing (CBT) are able to use the accounts they created then for this Open Beta. Unfortunately, the avatars they created for the CBT were gone and they had to make new ones and start from scratch. However, Closed Beta (CB) Testers were given a bonus: They have a tattoo in their Locker / inventory that is used as an upper body costume. This is what distinguishes them from gamers who just entered Brawl Busters on the Open Beta period.

There are some notable additions in the Open Beta not found in the CBT period. All others are the same. The additional features are as follows:

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Brawl Busters Philippines Closed Beta Testing (CBT)


Let’s test-play it out!

When Level Up! announced the incoming new MMO Fighting Game, Brawl Busters, I was immediately drawn into it. The teaser video released along with the announcement was certainly inviting. Moreover, there was a class called, “Rocker”, which I announced I would play as since I am a genuine audiophile.

Classes, Interface, and Player Modes

From what I gather, there are five different classes in Brawl Busters: Slugger, Fire Fighter, Rocker, Boxer, and Blitzer. You create only one character, or as I more like to call it, avatar. Now, this avatar can change classes before entering into any of the game modes or rooms. You see, when your avatar starts out (Level 1), one class is unlocked for you to play. As your avatar level increases, one more of the five classes are unlocked, until all are available for you to play as. Each class has a different fighting style, different weapons and equipment, and different attributes and skills. With that, it is imperative for a Brawl Buster gamer to be competent in one class first, before deciding to switch to another.

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