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Christmas 2012 in Rune – Midgard

With the Yuletide season upon us, Level Up! released the Christmas sprites for the key towns in Rune – Midgard, the world of Ragnarok Online. It’s definitely a festive atmosphere and we are very thankful to the game’s publisher her in the Philippines.

This is another reason why I love this game: seasonal customization of graphics. New Year’s, Valentines, Halloween, Christmas — you name it! They have specific sprites for just about any of the major traditions we observe in real life. Ragnarok Online is just overflowing with content!

Here are screenshots I took while going around the continent:

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Thanks, “Duke the Ripper!”

So I recently made a new friend on Philippine Ragnarok Online, Valhalla Server in the name of “Duke the Ripper”. He’s a Shadow Chaser with the Rogue skill, Scribble.

So how did I meet him? I was walking around Prontera when I saw graffiti on the ground saying, “Amalayer”. It caught my attention since it was the height of a nationalized social issue that circulated around social networks. Anyway, I was amused by the scribble that I asked Duke the Ripper, who was sitting nearby, if I could take a screenshot. I think he didn’t understand that I meant to take a screenshot of the scribble that he did since he asked, “Ng ano?”

“Yan,” I said.

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