Bye-bye! :(

screenValhalla194-pRO-Valhalla-closesI regret to say that this is a short-lived blog.

Silly me. I shouldn’t have hoped that the Valhalla Server would last for as long as Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) would be up. In case you’re lost on what I’m talking about, the Valhalla Server of pRO closed on the evening of the 28th of January, 2013 (Monday). MY beloved server … OUR beloved server … gone.

To make matters worse, it was announced that accounts from the Valhalla Server would be merged with accounts from New Loki, aka “server merge”, and the new server resulting from such would be named, New Loki. Not much inspiration in naming; they reasoned out that the alphabetical order of the two server names was the basis.

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pRO Christmas Event 2012

Philippine Ragnarok Online announced the following Christmas event for this year:

Christmas Event 2012

21 DECEMBER 2012


The Shopkeeper on Lutie is sad  because some of her items are missing. Let’s help her find these items!  Helpful citizens of Rune Midgard will receive rewards in the end.

Note that you can only help her once so be careful on completing this quest in order to get your desired reward(s).

via Christmas Event 2012 << Ragnarok Online Philippines

I’m so ‘gonna join this!

Death to Scammers and Posers

I infernally hate these kinds of players.

You log into your favorite game, looking forward to a great and fun time. You find another player who’s looking for an item that you have. You see it as an opportunity to make a sale and increase your in-game currency. He seems dignified and is with a guild. You talk to the player and engage him in a deal. In the middle of the deal, he tells you that part of his money that he will pay you is in his other character; he doesn’t have enough in the character he is playing at present. You agree to meet his other character and get the remainder of his credit from it. The deal proceeds: he has your item and you’re waiting for his payment when suddenly …

He logs out! You’ve been ripped off! He was a scammer. He even called you “Pitiful baby” before logging off! Of all the nerve!

Death to Vendor ni ? Rot in hell!

Christmas 2012 in Rune – Midgard

With the Yuletide season upon us, Level Up! released the Christmas sprites for the key towns in Rune – Midgard, the world of Ragnarok Online. It’s definitely a festive atmosphere and we are very thankful to the game’s publisher her in the Philippines.

This is another reason why I love this game: seasonal customization of graphics. New Year’s, Valentines, Halloween, Christmas — you name it! They have specific sprites for just about any of the major traditions we observe in real life. Ragnarok Online is just overflowing with content!

Here are screenshots I took while going around the continent:

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Top Five Brawl Buster Zombies That I Hate

I have been playing Brawl Busters Philippines for some time now and I’ve been having loads, and loads, and LOADS of fun! I’m so excited for this game to be commercially and officially launched in here in the Philippines (It’s still in Open Beta). The Open Beta phase has brought about a lot of cool features not found in the Closed Beta Testing and we can only imagine what other goodies are in store for us when the game officially opens.

Playing the game, I have come across five zombie types that I absolutely abhor! Of course, one is supposed to eliminate them — that’s actually the point of the Zombie Survival Mode — but we can’t help but just be plain annoyed at these zombie types:

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